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COVID-19 Update

Warren Barr Lincolnshire is transitioning from Phase 3 back to Phase 1 of the Reopening Plan for Skilled Nursing Facilities. The Illinois Department of Public Health and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have recently released guidance for Skilled Nursing Facilities to follow regarding COVID-19. Under this new guidance there are three different “Phases” that a Skilled Nursing Facility can be categorized as. Each Phase has their own set of recommendations and stringencies regarding group activities and visitation depending on the status of the facility and its community. 

Under Phase 1, visitation will be restricted to virtual visitation and compassionate care visits in accordance with the applicable guidelines in place. Additionally, group dining and group activities will be modified accordingly at our facility. For further details, please feel free to reach out to the facility at 224-543-7100. 

Please note, the phase-level is subject to change based on a variety of factors, including possible new guidance and recommendations. In the event of a change in Phase, we will update accordingly.